ten things tuesday

Ten questions: courtesy of EightPepperberries

1) One thing I've always wished for: a housekeeper/maid/butler--someone to deal with household matters for me

2) In the next year, I really want to: get my finances squared away--I'm almost there

3) When people first meet me, I hope they feel: listened to

4) How do I feel at the moment?: I'm feeling that exhausted feeling you get when you're overwhelmed

5) List all my small victories: I didn't lose patience with anyone today, my dress didn't fall apart, I made my family laugh

6) What lesson did I learn this week? that people don't want advice, they want to talk

7) I am really good at: compartmentalizing

8) If life stopped today, what would I regret not doing? I can't think of anything

9) Where was I ten years ago? ten years ago I took medical leave to help my dad during his first ever heart procedure--it was a very scary time!

10) The top 3 songs on my playlist right now are: Great Summer by Vance Joy, Shake by The Head and the Heart, American Baby by Dave Matthews Band

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The Gal Herself said...

When I had a cleaning lady, my home was a little neater every day because I had to reduce the clutter so she could vacuum and dust. So maybe if you got a housekeeper, your clutter situation will just improve