happy day 3

Today I was able to help my parents. I'm not happy they needed my help--Dad's back in AFib and has had a change in medicine as well as being hooked up to a heart monitor until Sunday. Monday we head to southern Maine to see his cardiologist and make a long range plan. I ran errands for them--grocery shopping and pharmacy runs. And I made the hotel reservations for our trip to SoMe. It feels very adulty to make arrangements for them! And I'm happy to help them.


Paula said...

Sorry about your dad! Hopefully they can keep him regulated with meds. Its a tough time when we become the caretakers of our former caretakers.

zippiknits...sometimes said...

Safe Travels, and many good wishes to follow you through these days.

The Gal Herself said...

It's interesting when the roles begin to change, isn't it? As you begin taking care of the parents who once cared for you, it's like summer moving to autumn. It's looks and feels different, but it's also natural.

Here's hoping dad's treatment takes and he's on the mend soon.