happy day 17

I am happy.

First week of school is done and I'm not feeling exhausted--I'm tired but not exhausted. That's huge. Usually I'm dragging and definitely asleep by now (it's 8:52pm). I had a great first week, I feel comfortable that I am learning names quickly. The students responded well to the activities I had planned for this week and were actively engaged.

I'm getting some positive action on the dress situation--I contacted customer service about the seam disintegrating and they are going to "make it right" since I'm a loyal customer who's been buying from them for years.

Dad is feeling a little more energetic. Maggie is feeling a little better, too--she had some itch situation going on and a visit to the vet helped.

My big bruise is better. And my sore thumb is better.

And I had dinner with my bestie at the new Mexican place and sat for almost three hours gabbing.

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The Gal Herself said...

I may have mentioned this before over the years, but ... I had no idea that teachers worked at remembering our names! There are so many aspects of your job that I never even considered.

Good for you for following up on the dress thing. I probably would have let it go, and then continued to feel bad.