ten things tuesday

Ten things I'm excited about now:

1) The current book I'm reading: Circe by Madeline Miller is awesome! Olympians, gods, demigods, and humans abound! I didn't expect to get so invested in the story.

2) My bed is on its way! I'm hoping to get delivery on the 23 but it might even be the 20th! I think the bed will get here before the new sheets, but that's ok.

3) Today's trip to the dentist was pleasant. My phobia was rather tame once I got in the chair and found out I didn't have to have my teeth polished. Polishing is the part I dread.

4) I was invited to join some ladies for a special lunch gathering on Friday. Women I admire and have fun talking to are gathering to talk books, crafts, and maybe politics. I'm so bummed that I might not be able to make it, though. I hope I get invited again.

5) Tomorrow is my eye appointment. I want to get new glasses if my insurance will cover them.

6) Saturday, I'm heading down to the coast to meet up with my Virginia sister and her family. Over the moon excited! We'll spend a couple of days together on the coast and then head back here for the rest of the week.

7) A couple of former students have been in contact with me this week to set up coffee dates. I'm excited they still want me to be part of their lives.

8) Maggie is mine for the next few days! Me and my favorite doggo for the snuggles! Parents are out of town, meeting up with my uncle and his wife for their vacation in Maine.

9) My Pennsylvania sister is coming in September! Should be here the first week.

10) I'm going back to NYC to see my friend in his Broadway play. I'm so excited to be making the plans to go! Fingers crossed we can go Labor Day weekend.


  1. Sounds like you have some good plans ahead!! YaY!

  2. 10 happies here. Yea!

    Why don't you like the polishing? Is it the noise?

    Enjoy your sleepover with Maggie.