ten things tuesday

Ten things:

1) There's something fun about staying in a hotel. Especially when it's wicked hot and humid!

2) And hotel stays are even better when the tab is being picked up by the State!

3) I got to spend time at my favorite Barnes & Noble. They had a bogo on Nook covers so I picked up a couple of fun covers for $20.

4) I touched some books--especially the audio I'm listening to now, Stephen King's The Outsider--I was curious to see what it looks like on the page. There are some police interviews and police reports.

5) Yesterday, I got a passionfruit iced tea lemonade on the recommendation of the barista at the Starbucks cafe in the Barnes & Noble, and today she recognized me and was excited I was getting another one. Now, that's customer service!

6) Speaking of customer service, yesterday I stopped at the BEST yarn store in Maine and spent a boodle! They talked me into all kinds of yarn. I have started my Christmas knitting!

7) Go ahead and make fun of me, but I wanted comfort food for supper so I went to IHOP for pancakes for supper. I got a half-stack and it was exactly what I wanted.

8) Did I mention the hotel is air conditioned? It's upper 80s/lower 90s again.

9) I had the air conditioning cranked in the car so blasty but I had to wear a sweater.

10) I can mosey my way home tomorrow. No rushing required. I only have book group at 6.

11) The workshop was really good, I should add that...

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  1. It sounds like you had the world's most delightful Tuesday. Ever.