sunday stealing

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I love a parade

1. Do you like parades? not particularly

2. Rate the following parade attractions in order of affection:
4 *. horses;
1   *. marching bands
2  *. floats;
3 *. anything that gives away candy:
7 *. politicians ride in cars?
6 *. antique cars/tractors;
5 *. fire trucks;

3. Have you ever been in a parade?  yes

4. Do you bring lawn chairs to parades? no

5. Does it bother you to have to park a long way from the parade, and then walk back to the car afterwards? not particularly

6. Do you wave at people you know? yes

7. At people you don't know? yes

8. Do you take pets -dogs particularly - to parades? no

9 Have you ever been to a big parade in person (Rose Bowl, Macy's, etc)? no--I would enjoy that type of parade

10. Do you attend more warm weather or cold weather parades? no, as in I don't go


  1. How about you and I stay at home and let everyone else go the parade? We can talk about books.

  2. Hmmm....go to a parade or stay home and discuss books with you and Dew...I think books would win!

  3. Oooo....can I join that book discussion??

  4. I'd rather come to the book discussion and will bring treats.

  5. We're not a blogverse of parade lovers, are we?