saturday 9

I Love Lucy

1) Before today, did you know that the "I Love Lucy" theme had lyrics? I had no idea

2) Since its premiere in 1951, I Love Lucy has never been off the air. Are you a fan? yes!

3) On the show, Ricky Riccardo supports his family by performing in a nightclub. Do you know anyone in show business? a dear high school friend of mine is starring in The Band's Visit on Broadway--I'm going to see the play (and him) in August

4) Lucy and Ricky's best friends are Fred and Ethel, their landlord and his wife. Are you friendly with your neighbors? yes, I'm so lucky to have wonderful neighbors now

5) One of the most popular episodes has Lucy and Ethel working on the conveyor belt at a chocolate factory. When did you last have chocolate? uh...yesterday? I'll have some later, though

6) Another famous episode has Lucy promoting Vitametavegimin. This tonic is made with vitamins, meat, vegetables -- and 23% alcohol. Do you read the ingredients statement before you take an over-the-counter medication? Or do you trust that it's safe because it's on the store shelf?
I do read the labels--or, even better, I ask my pharmacist

7) I Love Lucy was filmed before a live audience. Desi Arnaz (Ricky) always maintained he could identify the chuckle of his mother-in-law, who attended every taping. Do you know anyone who has a distinctive laugh? people always tell me I do

8) The show ended when the Lucille Ball/Desi Arnaz marriage ended. Have you ever had to choose sides when a couple broke up? no, thankfully

9) Random question -- You must eat the same dinner, every day, between now and Labor Day. An identical menu, no deviation. What will you be having? salad--variations on chef salad


zippiknits...sometimes said...

I had no idea that theme music had words, either. The last time I saw a show was in the late 50's.

You were right about a chef's salad until Labor Day. It makes good sense because they are delicious and lettuces are plentiful all summer.

Oh yes, Pharmacists know more about medicines. They don't have PHARMA companies hounding them with little pull cases full of samples as doctors do.
Have a lovely weekend, Kwizgiver...

I am Harriet said...

You are lucky to have good neighbors. That is pretty cool about your friend being in that show too.

CountryDew said...

A salad. That makes good sense (and is probably what we will be having most of the time between now and Labor Day). Excellent choice.

Diana_CT said...

"I ask my pharmacist" is one reason I don't mail-order prescriptions. I don't want to play phone tag with mail-order pharmacists..