I am...

Reading: Without a Trace.

Listening to: the fan

Loving: vacation

Thinking: about the health of my mentor

Feeling: excited and happy--my Virginia sister and her family will be here in a few minutes

Celebrating: family bonding time

Grateful for: independence--I can take care of myself (related to what I'm thinking about)

Weather: it's 79 degrees, cloudy, and wicked humid

Enjoying: vacation

A quote I want to share:
“Men were as plentiful as salmon, but a best friend was a freshwater pearl.” from Without a Trace by Colleen Coble


  1. Oh what fun to be waiting on visitors. I love that feeling of someone coming who you can't wait to see. Enjoy.
    We are over 100 degrees, with some humidity - not like the East Coast - but more than we are used to. Idk!

  2. "Wicked humid." I saw what you did there. ;)