ten things tuesday

Ten things that make me feel awkward:

1) Talking on the phone to people I don't know. I just hung up from talking to a scheduling nurse for an upcoming procedure and I must have sounded like a complete idiot. Although, I did remember to ask where the office is at the hospital.

2) Attending formal religious services. I'll be attending the calling hours and funeral of my dear friend's sister later this week and I'm already jittery about the funeral.

3) Making small talk. If someone talks to me first, I can get going but I hate having to initiate a conversation or keep one going.

4) Describing my sleep. I talk about naps all the time because I have interrupted sleep at night. I have had insomnia for decades and then I got into a fairly smooth sleep routine but then menopause hit and I'm all over the place again. Some nights I will sleep 12 hours, some nights 12 minutes. And I always say I wish there was something on my mind or troubling me because I would use my strategies to stop thinking. But I got nothin'.

5) Forgetting names. I'm so socially awkward and freaked out that I don't remember names. I do try to say the name when being introduced.

6) Money. Basically anything to do with money.

7) Asking for help. I don't want to inconvenience anyone. I don't mind showing the need, it's not about being strong.

8) Flirting--well, noticing when someone's romantically interested in me.

9) When people freak out in public and draw a ton of attention to themselves for their poor behavior. Ugh.

10) Having to turn someone down for something.

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The Gal Herself said...

#2 -- I was a bridesmaid in a Jewish wedding. During the rehearsal, we practiced walking up and back down the aisle in our long dresses and heels, but the ceremony itself was completely glazed over. As the shortest and therefore first, and only, Gentile bridesmaid in the bunch, I would have appreciated a little insight into what to expect. I really didn't know for sure when the ceremony was over and I was supposed to turn on my heel and walk back.

#7 -- Maybe this will help. In Elizabeth Edwards' books, she reminded us that by asking others for help once in a while, we even the scales and make our relationships stronger.