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A quick read. I liked how the quartet members' stories intertwine. And I like the noir vibe that Gavin, who could be considered the main character, alludes to and aspires to. I didn't like that most of the characters are unlikeable, I just couldn't muster up any connections. I liked this book and can't wait to read more from this author. I wish it was a book group selection, there would be a lot to talk about.

From the publisher:
Gavin Sasaki was a promising young journalist in New York City until the day he was fired for plagiarism. The last thing he wants is to sell foreclosed real estate for his sister Eilo's company in their Florida hometown. But he's in no position to refuse her job offer, and there's another reason to go home: Eilo recently met a ten-year-old girl who looks very much like Gavin and has the same last name as Gavin's high school girlfriend, Anna, who left town abruptly after graduation.

Determined to find out if this little girl might be his daughter, Gavin sets off to track down Anna, starting with the three friends they shared back when he was a part of a jazz group called “The Lola Quartet.” As Gavin pieces together their stories, he learns that Anna has been on the run for good reason, and soon his investigation into her sudden disappearance all those years go takes a seriously dangerous turn.

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