ten things tuesday

Ten things you couldn’t live without, because you’ve tried living without it.

1) My car. There's no real public transportation around here--I don't know how I would get to work! I went for a very long time without a car and it was a pain in the ass. Trying to bum rides or taxi around. Annoying!

2) My microwave. I am the queen of reheating!

3) My computer. I work and play on it. I kind of can't remember life without a laptop.

4) My iPhone. I'm using it more and more for routine things--like email and banking--I love snapping photos of checks to deposit. And I can make funny videos for my sisters.

5) My DVR. I went from a VCR and video tapes to being able to record a bunch of shows at one time.

6) Knitting. It is as though I've been knitting my whole life. It's my zen.

7) Nook(s). It feels awkward to hold a book in my hands now. I'm so used to having ounces with any size book in my hand. My Nook(s) are side lit, not back lit, so I don't get the same eye fatigue I get using my laptop or iPad.

8) Napping. I had insomnia my whole adolescence and young adulthood. When I turned 30, I started to sleep. And now I can nap! Not only that, I am able to sleep most nights. Interrupted sleep, but sleep!

9) Filtered water.

10) My electric pencil sharpener. I spent big bucks and got a great one--efficient and quick!

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The Gal Herself said...

DVR! Microwave! I adore them, too.