sunday stealing

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Care Bears

What never fails to cheer you up? looking at puppies and laughing
Which friend do you have the most in common with? my bestie
One thing that never fails to anger you? school shootings
Favorite way to spend a sunny day? reading on the porch
Create a fortune cookie note based on your week. steady on!
Favorite way to exercise? sleep
Favorite thing about your best friend? unconditional support
What kind of things do you like to create? I like creating engaging and unique lesson plans and I like knitting hats
What languages would you like to learn? Irish and Italian
A topic you’re really knowledgeable about? Colonial American History
When do you feel you look your best? when I'm not stressed
What types of music do you like to listen to? depends on what I'm doing--but most people are surprised that I love Funk music
Something that leaves you completely in awe? the sky
What is your most childish aspect? I geek out over small things
A time where you had to be really brave? when I had pulmonary embolisms
How do you like to keep warm? soft blankets
What brings out your soft side? it's always out
What is your favorite way to treat yourself? my daily Dunkin' iced coffee
Something you’re proud of about yourself? I cultivate and foster an inclusive atmosphere in my classroom
Something you don’t care about? school policies that have nothing to do with fostering education


Stacy said...

When we both learn Italian we can run off to Tuscany and stay in an old villa, shmooze with the locals, dance in fountains, drink wine, eat too much good food, and laugh!

I think you would have been a favorite teacher if I had been in your class.

Bev Sykes said...

Oooo. Sleep is an exercise? I get LOTS of exercise,then! I exercise several times a day.

2 gators said...

Italian would be a fun language also School shootings make me angry also happy weekend