need to get out more

I spent the afternoon at a track meet. It meant a lot to my students that I went. But I didn't go for them. I went because a chum of mine, who I haven't seen since 1994 was there, cheering on her daughter. Sarah got in touch with me earlier in the week to say she'd be there and it would be great to meet up. And it was great!

We became friends when she was teaching at the middle school--I was student teaching and she was teaching science. She had been so lonely and homesick until we met and I introduced her to my friends and suddenly we were a gaggle of young women on the town!

It was fun to reminisce and catch up. Her life has been filled with family (ten kids!) and she has returned to teaching this year so we had lots and lots to talk about.

I bumped into a few former students at the meet--and we posed for photo ops. And my student-athletes were so excited I was there for the final event of their high school career--and we posed for photo ops.

What a whirlwind.


Pumpkin Delight (Kimberly) said...

Oh what fun! That sounds like a great visit, and what a bonus that your students got to see you there too!
How much longer do you have left in the year. We have 14 days (thank goodness for Memorial Day :)), and I'm totally counting!

The Gal Herself said...

I'm glad that you got out and did this. Good for you, renewing connections.

After his graduation ceremony, my nephew went looking for his favorite teacher. He hated high school yet felt so much affection and admiration for this man, he didn't want to leave without one last goodbye. I imagine you're that teacher to many of your students.