I am...

Reading: Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine.

Listening to: a motorcycle roaring down the street

Loving: Maggie time--my parents are going to NYC to see our friend's play The Band's Visit and I've got the dog!

Thinking: about the end of the school year

Feeling: pissed off--I asked someone in my family to help me and they said no

Celebrating: Memorial Day

Grateful for: Service men and women who have given everything so I can be pissed at petty things (shame on me)

Weather: 63 degrees and cloudy

Enjoying: I'm learning some new knitting techniques and it's a fun challenge

A quote I want to share:

“Know that the only remedy for love is to love more.”
― Alice Hoffman, The Rules of Magic


Stacy said...

Thinking about the end of the school year? Oh, I am practically counting it down to the seconds! LOL We are done with a half day on Thursday.

The Gal Herself said...

Maggie never disappoints you, does she? (Who's a good girl?)