to and fro

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Today's prompt: Your commute to/from work.

My daily drive is approximately 14.5 miles each way. It takes about 30 minutes. What I like about it is that when I get to school, I'm fully awake and ready to go with the day; and on the way home, I am ready to relax. Winter driving can be quite hazardous. The road cuts through flat fields and the wind causes major drifts which in turn cause icy build up on the road. But I love watching the sky. And watching the seasons change. I frequently see animals, too: recently I've spotted barn owls, snowy owls, and eagle, foxes, rabbits, deer, and the occasional moose. And let's not forget the Canadian geese in their formation!

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The Gal Herself said...

I love that you see the glory in all four seasons. So many people miss that. And all those critters! Fabulous!