ten things about me

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Not sure how interesting these facts are:

  1. I put clothing on left foot first--underwear, pants, socks, shoes, everything.
  2. I am right handed but tie my shoes as though I am left-handed.
  3. My first experience living away from home was in Ireland.  I lived in Cork, the second largest city.
  4. I wet the toothbrush, put toothpaste on, and wet it again before brushing my teeth.  It feels weird to not do that.
  5. My students don't think I'm as funny as I think I am.
  6. I recently donated about half my wardrobe to charity and I still have too many clothes.
  7. Winter is my least favorite season.  Followed closely by Black Fly Season.
  8. I am afraid of pet birds.
  9. Brown is my favorite color.
  10. I have excellent distance vision but prefer wearing glasses.  I mean, I need them for close work and reading, but I have practically clear glass for the upper lens.


The Gal Herself said...

Good for you on donating the clothes! I have a big bag designated for Goodwill, but until it gets to Goodwill, its not doing anyone any good, is it?

Hitchcock was afraid of birds, too. Ornithophobia.

2 gators said...

I always donate my clothing to DVIS (for domestic abuse) or the local churches it feels good to do this. My day 5 will be posted shortly