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Today's prompt: One thing you're excited for

I am excited for the school year to end. Because then all the things I'm looking forward to will happen: June 16 is my goddaughter's wedding, end of June is a new baby girl joining our family, July is my Virginia sister's visit--and on and on with lots of really good stuff!

I hate wishing this school year to end, though, because it's been one of my better years! I feel creative and have done some of my best teaching. And I really enjoy my students. 😁


2 gators said...

Happy to see that June is a happy/exciting month for you! I am thinking of making a new blog called our love story :) I think it would be appropriate so that everybody can see how we met etc from 36 yrs ago to now happy Tuesday

I know my teacher friends are ready for this year to be over with since OK teachers went on strike for 2 weeks

The Gal Herself said...

I think it's so cool that you made memories, not only for your yourself to be proud of but for your kids to look back on.