ex marks the spot

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Today's prompt: Things you'd say to an ex

I would warmly greet any ex. I've parted on good terms, I think.


  1. Sounds rather silly, don't you think? First you call them an "ex" and then you say "warm greeting"?? Sounds kinda dumb, in my view. If they were someone you liked, you wouldn't fake it nor call them 'ex'. They would be as they are, and you as you are. More honest. So what do you mean, really?

  2. So what DO you mean, really, Kwiz? :)

    Seriously, it's nice that you parted on good terms. It's so sad when once having loved someone precludes you from liking them.

  3. glad you parted on "good terms" after 23 yrs with my ex I had to call the cops! happy weekend