I had to walk away from this one. It bothers me to not finish a book. I just can't do it. Wrong book at the wrong time. I appreciate the writing. I appreciate the characters. But I can't connect to it. I listened for over 6 hours and it was painful to imagine listening to the next 11 hours; I downloaded the ebook from the library and couldn't keep my focus to skim it. The audiobook narrator was wonderful but I wasn't. This doesn't happen to me often. I feel guilty since it's a book group selection. But I shouldn't force myself.

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Vicki said...

Good for you! For years I wouldn't stop reading a book once I started it and it drove me nuts. I finally decided to stop wasting my time and only finish a book if I was enjoying it. I love reading now even more than I did before since I don't force myself to finish every book.