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Today's prompt: A book you love and one you didn't.

From this year's crop of books: A book I loved (and didn't expect to) is The Heart's Invisible Furies by John Boyne. It was a book group selection and clocked in at 21 hours 19 minutes/582 pages and I both listened and read it.
From my review:
I LOVE THIS BOOK! It begins with the birth in 1945 and advances by sevens through the years of Cyril Avery's life. I laughed. I cried. I was outraged at the intolerance of society. I was drawn into the story. A theme of the novel is Cyril's homosexuality. A theme of the novel is love--family, friends, and romantic. It's a poignant and somewhat intense look at man's hidden desires, and in this case, the man is Cyril. And I would add that Ireland is as much a character as any person in the book. The evolution of Cyril is the evolution of Ireland.

A book I didn't love (and expected to love) is Tangerine by Christine Mangan. I admit I chose it for the cover, as well as the rave reviews. It clocked in at 9 hours and 28 minutes and I listened to it.
From my review:
I wanted to love this book. It's got a noir-ish, Hitchcockian feel. But it just didn't work for me. The claustrophobic feeling is well done. But the cliched characters just didn't quite click for me.


  1. I enjoy reading romance novels as well, funny how we actually feel
    the emotions as we are reading. happy Sunday

  2. How cool that your club introduced you to a book that will stay with you forever.