ten things tuesday

Ten things:

1) I'm in Central Maine for a workshop tomorrow--so glad to stay at a hotel.

2) The ride was lovely and I got here before dark! Hooray!!

3) I saw several herds (packs? what is a group of deer called??) of deer, all well away from the road and I was going way too fast to stop for photos.

4) I listened to my audiobook on the trip. I'm finishing it now. Will review soon.

5) I think I'm ready for my presentation tomorrow. I don't know why I'm nervous to present... nervous isn't quite the right word. I don't believe I accomplished the task correctly. It was convoluted.

6) I think I'm still kind of tired out from the bout of vertigo I had. Four days of the dizzies!

7) That didn't stop me from going to Barnes & Noble when I arrived, though!

8) Spent my gift card at B&N. Lordy, how I love that place!

9) My substitute for tomorrow stopped in today to see what he'd be doing and commented that I leave the most organized plans of anyone he subs for. Yay for OCD!

10) Have I mentioned how much I love staying at hotels? There's just something decadent about it.


Stacy said...

Enjoy your trip!

AsKatKnits said...

Enjoy your trip!

The Gal Herself said...

I share your love of hotels and motels. My favorite part is checking out the bathroom as soon as I check in. (Free little soaps! I bring them home and send them to the troops.)

I've never had vertigo. Is it scary? Or just restricting?