ten things tuesday

Ten random things:

1) We are expecting 8-14 inches of snow from this evening through Thursday morning. I'm over winter. Seriously over winter.

2) I tried something new with my American Studies class--I told them they were my guinea pigs, that it might flop or it might be fun--and we analyzed the painting American Progress by John Gast. I cropped it into four segments and had them analyze what they saw and noticed in each segment. Then we put it all together and decided what symbols are in it. It was a major success! I also gave them a chapter overview notes sheet and we pulled all of our introduction to Manifest Destiny together with doodle notes. Doodle notes are just what they sound like: doodles of words, key concepts, quotes, people, places, and ideas. They worked from bell to bell without a single complaint! And they were excited about working. It was a fantastic end to the day.

3) Some former students tried to come visit me but weren't allowed in during school hours (a new security measure to limit outsiders entering the building)--they came bearing a glazed donut and an iced coffee and sent a lovely note! What a great treat! I was so disappointed I couldn't visit with them but we did text so that was fun.

4) Girl Scout Lemonade Cookies.

5) I had to cancel my trip to Central Maine for a workshop because of the storm. I emailed about possibly postponing the workshop but they said no. "Central Maine will be back to business as usual."

6) I started knitting a baby blanket for my oldest niece's baby girl. I'm so excited! It's hot pink!

7) I replaced my wall clock with a silent clock and I miss the ticking.

8) I am waiting for my library to get the audio version of a book I want to read.

9) Sometimes I exchange funny emails with my dad. About inconsequential, random topics.

10) Although I suspect we won't have school tomorrow, I am sort of disappointed--my students planned to participate in the #WalkOut #WalkUp movements and it was organized and sanctioned by the school.


AsKatKnits said...

Great things... especially those students!

The Gal Herself said...

Lemonade cookies? Our Scouts don't sell those! Must investigate.