saturday 9

On and On

1) This song describes the plight of "poor ol' Jimmy," who caught his girlfriend kissing someone else. Have you ever spied on a romantic partner? I have not

2) In this song, Stephen Bishop sings that he "smiles when he feels like dying." When did you recently put on a happy face, even though you really weren't all that happy? yesterday, I was feeling draggy but had to fake being "up" for my students

3) Stephen Bishop always wanted to be a musician, and as a child he began playing the clarinet. Did you take lessons -- dance, art, music -- as a child? If yes, did you take them because you enjoyed them, or because your parents made you take them? there was a period of time when I was forced to take gymnastics and dance and I dreaded and hated both

4) When he was 12, inspired by The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show, he switched to the guitar and began writing songs. Tell us about someone or something that influenced your career path. my college advisor pointed me in the direction of teaching--he said I was born to teach

5) Stephen Bishop attended Will C. Crawford High School in San Diego. This school requires students complete 20 hours of community service every year. Tell us about an organization, cause or campaign you volunteered for, either as a student or an adult. when I was in high school, the AIDS epidemic broke and it was an issue my friends and I were passionate about--I wanted to move to "the city" to volunteer with AIDS victims who had been abandoned by their families

6) In 1977, when this song was popular, Seattle Slew won racing's Triple Crown. Sam's mother has always been afraid of horses. Is there an animal you're uncomfortable with? I am uncomfortable with cats after being bitten by a rabid cat when I was a kid

7) Also in 1977, moviegoers waited in line for hours to see Star Wars. What's the longest line you waited in recently? at the supermarket, there was a line of three people

8) The mini-series Roots first aired in 1977. Today Americans are spending more time and money than ever to research ancestry. How far back can you trace your family tree?
my paternal side: pre-Revolutionary War German immigrant, on my maternal side back to France in the 1400s

9) Random question: It's often said that nobody's perfect. How about you? What quality keeps you from being perfect?
my inability to keep a clean and tidy house


CountryDew said...

You were bitten by a rabid cat? OMG! I bet you had to have those horrible shots didn't you. Wow.

zippiknits...sometimes said...

We both have French ancestors from that time period. The ancestral family name came all the way down to my sibs and I.

The AIDs virus was/is terrible. Good for you for thinking of taking care of and helping others.

I pretend happiness a lot, and it actually helps.

The Gal Herself said...

You are meant to teach! Just think of how many lives your advisor touched by making that recommendation.

Stacy said...

You really were meant to teach. I would have loved being in your class!
Yikes! No wonder you don't like cats. I always cringe just hearing about someone else having to get those shots.
I am holding to my belief that a cluttered house/car/purse/desk is a sign of true genius!

Diana_CT said...

I'm with you on keeping a clean house... mine is so cluttered