saturday 9

Boat Drinks

1) Jimmy Buffett is singing about his bandmates watching hockey in a sports bar. Since it's Super Bowl weekend, our first question is: In cold weather, which sport do you watch most: football, hockey, or basketball? I don't really intentionally watch sports but I'll go with football because I incidentally see more of it than the others

2) Jimmy sings it's just 20ยบ outside. How high will the mercury reach where you are today? it is supposed to get up to -1

3) "Boat drinks" are mixed drinks designed to enhance the enjoyment of a boat ride or time on the beach. Popular boat drinks include The Tequila Sunrise, Cuba Libre, and Mimosa. When did you last sip an alcoholic beverage? Was it a boat drink? it was not a boat drink, I had a glass of wine a week ago (and it knocked me out, I was asleep soon thereafter)

4) Jimmy met his wife, Jane, in Key West at a bar called The Chart Room. Have you ever been to Key West? I have not

5) Have you ever met anyone worth knowing at a bar? I've become friends with some people I met in bars--mostly the bartenders

6) While Keith Richard and Paul McCartney have made cameo appearances in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Jimmy Buffet has not. Producers have asked him, but he's always had to decline because of his touring schedule. Have you seen any of the Pirates/Jack Sparrow movies? for sure, I've seen the first but I don't remember seeing any others

7) When Jimmy gave the commencement address at the University of Miami, he showed up in flip-flops. How many pairs of flip-flops do you own? well, now here I'll get picky--thong sandals are made of leather and I have five pairs of those, flip flops are made of rubber and I have three of those

8) Jimmy has his own station on Sirius Radio. Do you subscribe to Sirius? I do

9) Random question: What trend or fad from your youth do you hope never makes a comeback? oh--the huge Aquanet hair


Diana_CT said...

I remember those Aquanet hair-dos. I used to think that it looked like someone stuck their finger in a light socket.

CountryDew said...

-1? Oy vey. I could not live up there. Yikes.

That big hair was something, wasn't it?

Bev Sykes said...

Your reaction to the glass of wine is why I don't drink any more. I realized that even one glass of wine knocked me out and I didn't like "losing" an evenng that way!

zippiknits...sometimes said...

Those temps are just so freaking cold!
And, that's a good point on the flip flop question. And yes, the leather ones are Thongs, but that name got taken up by another... manufacturer... ahem..

Me. Myself said...

You don't want to spray your hair to the stratosphere again??

I hate winter. Is it over yet...

Stacy said...

That's quite a heatwave you're having!
I noticed Aqua Net seems to be making a comeback....maybe the big hair will follow.

The Gal Herself said...

I can't drink wine anymore either. Makes me sad.

I am Harriet said...

I wonder how much Aquanet is still in my lungs mostly from everyone else around me using it. Hair spray makes me nut because I can't comb my hair when I wear it.