reading for pleasure

Tonight my book library book group met to discuss a book I didn't like. Because we postponed the meeting due to inclement weather, there were several members missing. And I know they shared my thoughts on the book (actually, two of them Hated the book--with a capital H). I was the lone voice explaining why the book didn't capture me. And I was facilitating the meeting with no publisher materials to help--no guide, no summary, no questions--just me.

I like being in a book group because it encourages me to read books I never would have picked up on my own. But I don't like being the de facto leader of the group. Being in two book groups is a challenge--to keep up with the reading and to actually enjoy the reading. I admit sometimes it feels like a chore.

When I retire, I will dedicate myself to the written word. I can't wait!


AsKatKnits said...

I would like to find a good book club. Online would be optimal! But, go you for pinch hitting (and I am sure you were wonderful!)

Cat. said...

This is my problem with book clubs I've been in too. It's exacerbated by a "well, you're a librarian so you can do the research because it's easy for you" mentality. And I really hate reading books I hate. I did enough of that in my college classes. :)

Props to you for sticking with it. You're a hero(ine)!!

Stacy said...

I was in a book club on Facebook. It started out rather well, but eventually dwindled down to nothing because we could never agree on a book. We tried having everyone read their own book and share about it but, eh, that's not much of a club and everyone kept having excuses for why they weren't reading.

May I ask what book it was that you didn't like?

Kwizgiver said...

Hi Stacy--it was Some Tame Gazelle.

The Gal Herself said...

Doesn't it feel like a busman's holiday? Without publisher materials, it was probably like putting together a lesson plan ... and you get paid for doing that. ;)