it's not a popularity contest

I met a couple of former students (they're brother and sister) for coffee and we ended up spending over 2 and a half hours talking. It's not totally unusual for me to meet with former students, often they stop by the school at the end of the day but sometimes we meet for coffee. I love keeping in touch with "my kids" and finding out how they are growing and maturing over the years. I don't love talking about it with one of my closest teacher friends, though, because she wishes it was her. And it feels awkward when she says she's excited for me because I know she has a degree of jealousy. I can't help it that the kids respond differently to us. And it's certainly not a competition. At least not on my end.

I had to get that out of my brain.

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The Gal Herself said...

It's too bad that you can't share this with another teacher. No one else would understand as completely how you enjoy watching your kids' lives unfold.

I think this is your talent -- encouraging such trust and warmth from your students. And, like anyone who is talented, people are going to jealous, as well as admiring.