ten things tuesday

Ten random things:

1) This winter is kicking my ass. We've had fifteen consecutive days of below-zero temperatures. Eighteen inches of snow in one storm. I'm seriously over it.

2) This winter is even kicking my school's ass. They ran out of fuel because of the exceptionally cold weather and there were issues with water pressure (frozen pipes), so we had Monday off. Of course, I had driven all the way over because I left before "the call" came. But that's ok, I turned right around and came home.

3) I read a whole book on my day off.

4) Because of all the snow drifts, the postman hasn't been able to deliver mail. Since Thursday. It's really a pissing contest between the post office and my landlord. The driveway is fifty feet away from the walkway yet the postman won't walk up the driveway to deliver mail. It's all rather petty.

5) I've got some yummy yarn ready for a new project. I want to finish up my current project and start in on a new one.

6) Six former students came to visit me today. It makes me so happy they took the time! Pictures posted on Insta!

7) Getting old is not for the weak. My father even warned me to be careful shoveling snow because he didn't want me to have a heart attack. 😕 Plus he's worried about me driving the 4.5 hours to Central Maine tomorrow.

8) I have to pack for my trip. And charge my electronics. School's organized and prepped.

9) My Happy New Year Calendar says to take 10 minutes to relax and meditate today. I can do this.

10) I think it's time for some peanut butter cup Ben & Jerry's.

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The Gal Herself said...

I have heard more about pipes during this coldsnap than ever before. I wonder what's up.

Have fun on your trip! Will you be staying in a motel? (I know you enjoy that.)