ten things tuesday

Ten things coming up in January:

1) An interview with a former colleague for her dissertation. I'm one of 10 interviewees.

2) Breakfast Club. Saturday morning.

3) Library book group. We're discussing War Brides by Helen Bryan.

4) School book group. We're discussing The Good Girl by Mary Kubica.

5) Manicure. Saturday morning, after getting together with my friends for breakfast.

6) A trip to Augusta. Next week.

7) Teacher Cohort's second session. In Augusta, next week.

8) The semester ends. I start teaching a new class.

9) An ESSA meeting--a school committee I was "voluntold" I would be on.

10) A dental appointment. Ugh, I have to get a substitute.

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The Gal Herself said...

"Voluntold." Good word. Last month I was voluntold I would be on the condo association board again this year.

I'm jealous of your winter pedi. My nail tech recommended I let my nails breathe for awhile, as they became discolored under the polish. I feel so bleh with naked toes.