saturday 9


1) David Lee Roth does a lot of jumping in this video. He credits his flashy moves to his study with marital artist Benny Urquidez. Have you ever tried karate, judo, or jiu-jitzu? no, I never have and I doubt I will

2) Dave claims to be fluent in Spanish. Say something "en espaƱol." Hola!

3) Dave appeared as himself in an episode of The Sopranos, playing poker with Tony Soprano. Are you a good poker player? no, I'm terrible because I get goofy about betting

4) Though known for his prowess on the guitar, Eddie Van Halen wrote the opening of this song at the keyboard when he was still new to the synthesizer. When did you recently venture outside your comfort zone? Was it a success? I did last week with my decluttering project

5) Eddie's older brother Alex is the Van Halen drummer and his son, Wolfie, began touring with the band in 2007. Have you ever worked with a family member? I can't think of any time I did

6) Van Halen's first manager was Marshall Berle. Mr. Berle's uncle was Milton Berle. Does the name Milton Berle mean anything to you? Uncle Miltie was a hoot on game shows

7) In 1984, when this song was popular, AT&T/Bell Telephone was broken up into 24 separate companies. Today, who is your phone provider? Spectrum

8) Also in 1984, Michael Jackson was severely burned while filming a Pepsi commercial. Would we find any Pepsi in your kitchen right now? no

9) Random question: Have you ever been so angry that you kicked or hit an inanimate object? oh, yes!


Stacy said...

How did the decluttering go? Did you do one area, a room, or the whole shebang? Would you like to come and declutter me? I'm so bad at it and really need to do it. Even a little clutter looks huge in a small space.

Bev Sykes said...

Someone else who remembers Milton Berle as Uncle Miltie. Nice to have another oldtimer here!

zippiknits...sometimes said...

Uncle Miltie was what he was called when I was a kid, too. He was hilariously funny throughout his life. Great at irony, too.
Oh decluttering. *hangs head* someday, I will be done, when that bugle blows, me thinks.

Cat. said...

Can I just say that you're hired to come declutter ME?! So much easier when it's not your own stuff, your own memories.... I'm kinda serious.

What game shows was Berle on? Maybe that's where I remember him. I never really understood why he was funny, though he did make me laugh with his rubber face.

CountryDew said...

You decluttered! Good for you. I have some more to do but gotta finish the taxes for 2017 first. THEN I move to decluttering.