ten things tuesday

Checking in on my fall bucket list from September 23

1) Try a new soup recipe.
I did not do this, yet, I have a recipe to try next week

2) Decorate a pumpkin--or with a pumpkin.
Done--I made a pom pom pumpkin for my classroom

3) Visit a farmers market or a roadside stand for some fresh produce.
Ah--no, I didn't do this one

4) Spoil myself with a pedicure.
Done! OPI's "I'm Not Really A Waitress" color.

5) Have a Halloween-themed movie marathon.
I didn't do this, I forgot

6) Get a fall scented candle. I'd love to get a new jar candle from Yankee Candle in the Autumn Wreath scent.
Autumn Wreath scented candle!

7) Enjoy a scenic fall drive.

8) Take pictures of fall leaves or in fall leaves.

9) Knit a scarf or shawl.
I started two but haven't finished either

10) Knit a hat for myself and one for charity.

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