saturday 9

Suddenly I See

1) This song is a tribute to Patti Smith, the rocker who inspired KT Tunstall. What woman who has inspired you? Glenna Smith--a beloved family friend, teacher, and author has always been a mentor and inspiration

2) In this video, you can see a turntable and an LP. When is the last time you played a record?
it's been many years

3) Growing up, Ms. Tunstall seldom sang at home because her father is severely hearing impaired and music interfered with his sensitive hearing aid. Do you, or does anyone in your family, wear a hearing aid? no

4) In high school, she got experience performing on street corners. Have you ever tipped a street musician? I have, indeed!

5) When this song was popular, Microsoft introduced the Xbox 360 to North America. Are you into gaming? I haven't played a game system beyond (the original) Atari

6) In 2005, Prince Charles married his long-time love, Camilla Parker Bowles. At the time of their wedding, 73% of Brits said they disapproved of her. Today, her popularity has increased somewhat and her disapproval has dropped to 55%. Do you know anyone who married someone you didn't like? Did their spouse grow on you with time? I do know someone who married a person I didn't care for--they since divorced

7) Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was popular in theaters. Who is your favorite "Harry Potter" character? Professor Minerva McGonagall

8) In 2005, YouTube was introduced by three young men who met while working at PayPal. What's the last thing you paid for using PayPal?
hmmm, maybe a pair of shoes? Or a book.

9) Random Question: After a long, exhausting day of travel, you check into a motel. The room is not at all to your liking. It's next to the ice machine, so you can hear cubes dropping noisily into metal buckets. Your view is of the parking lot. The bathtowels and thin and tiny. In short, you feel like you're being ripped off. Do you grab your bag, turn on your heel and check out, hoping there are better accommodations nearby? Or do you say, "What the hell, it's only one night," and climb into bed? I would just rough it


CountryDew said...

Wow, Atari. That was my first gaming system - the first one out. It was actually my brother's but I played it more. I did not purchase systems beyond the original Xbox and mostly play on the PC but I am afraid I'm pretty addicted to gaming. Not a good thing, but it kills the time (which I should be using for something productive).

Bev Sykes said...

Good for you for tipping a musician! Unlike homeless who just sit there, they actually entertain you (and many of them are homeless too)

The Gal Herself said...

I read the article about Ms. Smith. How thrilling for her to be published! To achieve a dream come true now must be 10x as sweet. I bet she is proud to be your mentor, too.

Diana_CT said...

I still have my Magnavox Odyssey video game, I haven't dusted it off in a long while.