personal enhancement

Personal Enhancement
Scorpio Horoscope
November 8, 2017

You may yearn to broaden your horizons today through education or travel. Perhaps you've been feeling a bit stagnant or stunted and have the desire to break free from your routine. You could also be ready for a change of pace. By opening your mind and exploring new ideas, you can bring a fresh burst of energy and excitement into your life. You might want to give some thought to the areas of your life you most want to infuse with energy, and focus your attention on them. Even spending just a few moments today thinking about how you can add excitement to your life could help you come up with lots of new ideas that you could implement right away. If mental stimulation is what you need, you could attend a lecture or read a book. You could also plan a short getaway or participate in a new activity.

We can bring excitement into our lives while enhancing our personal development by taking the time to explore new ideas. While most of us occasionally experience periods of stagnation or boredom in our lives, we don't have to stay stuck in that mind-set. Rather than resigning ourselves to a humdrum existence, we can choose to take action by implementing fresh new ideas in our lives. Our enthusiasm to bring innovation and newness to our life will lend excitement to our experiences. Every new experience we allow ourselves to have can only make us grow. By expanding your horizons and exploring new ideas today, you can bring a burst of exciting new energy to your life.

The BEST horoscopes. Uncanny and eery in how they reflect what's going on with me. I love DailyOm.

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The Gal Herself said...

I looked up Daily Om but they don't give dates! As a cusp baby, I don't know if they consider me a Scorp or a Sag.

Oh well, I'm glad yours rang true. I haven't checked my morning horoscope in forever. Maybe I should start again.