three on thursday

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The three things I'm obsessing over:

1) My blog friend, Carole Knits, introduced me to the Waterlogue app. I can't wait to seriously play with it! This was a quickie porch leaf picture.

2) I need to find some navy blue shoes that look good with skirts. The problem is my Fred Flintstone feet.

3) My students have used up all my colored pencils. I had to order more sets. I used to require them to get their own set but found they were still borrowing from me, so I stopped requiring. It's more sensible to just give them what I want them to use.


Me, Myself, and I said...

Are you familiar with Alegria shoes? I swear by them, they have lots of cute styles (not just funny nursing shoes) and I have sandals, boots (!!) and others from them. Could stand in them all day, and while they are not cheap (avg 120$) will last you forever. I'm still wearing ones I got 5 years ago or more. Check out alegriashoeshop.com I'll bet you'll love them too!

Kwizgiver said...

Thank you for the tip! My feet are so big (10) and wide, and I also blessed with heredity swollen ankles, that finding cute shoes is a challenge.

Honoré said...

i absolutely love the Waterlogue app...and haven't used it in a few weeks...once upon a time I did a weekly posting featuring a waterlogued photo. Yours is a great rendering of an autumn leaf.