birthday meme

1 - Do you remember your 25th birthday? If so, did how did you celebrate it? I was living in Western Maine, in a small town called South Paris, teaching 8th grade Language Arts and Reading. I was lonely and miserable.

2 - Have you ever met anyone that shares exactly the same birthday as yourself? I've had a handful of students over the years--and when I was in school there were about 6 of us who were actually in the hospital together; since then I've met ten or so people

3 - If you could go back in time to one of your birthdays, which one would it be? and what would you do? I had a kick-ass 40th birthday celebration!

4 - Do you believe that age brings wisdom? oh, yes!!

5 - What would be the perfect birthday gift for your next birthday? a Barnes & Noble gift card or Malabrigo brand yarn

6 - What do you notice most, physically and mentally, about getting older? my bladder has shrunk

7 - Do you fear getting older? no, I don't it's an adventure and not for the weak

8 - If you could drink/eat something to stop you growing older physically, would you take it? oh, hell yes!

9 - What is the best thing about growing older? how the small stuff just rolls off, I don't get cranked about petty shit nearly as often as I used to

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fredamans said...

Great meme! I would have never pegged you for over 40 though based on the one photo I've seen of you on your About page. :-) So is it your birthday?