saturday 9

Da Doo Ron Ron

1) This song begins by stating that he met her on a Monday and his heart stood still. How did your past week start? It may be a lot to expect you to report that you met someone who made your heart stand still, but did anything noteworthy occur?
My heart did not stand still. I celebrated Constitution Day with my students.

2) While making hit records, Shaun Cassidy also starred as Joe Hardy on the Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries. The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew books have been popular with generations of American kids. Were you a fan? I was a fan of both!

3) Shaun went to Beverly Hills High School. Over the decades, BHHS has had many good football teams. Do you remember what sports your school excelled at? basketball was the obsession--although our drama club was more popular than any sports team

4) Shaun followed his older half-brother, David Cassidy, into TV/records/teen stardom. Do you have siblings? If yes, what career paths did they follow? one works at the local hospital, one has a daycare, and one is the liturgical minister for her diocese

5) His middle name is Paul, after his maternal grandfather. Tell us something about one of your grandparents. my father's father did not attend school past grade 8, a fact I didn't know until after his death--and I never would have suspected it because he was an avid reader and follower of the news, and a savvy businessman

6) Shaun's mother, actress Shirley Jones, reports that he was more than 3 weeks late and born by Cesarean. Have you heard family legends about your arrival into the world? I have no stories to report

7) "Da Doo Ron Ron" was originally recorded by The Crystals. Can you think of another song that has been a hit by more than one artist? "I will always love you" is the first that came to mind

8) In 1977, when this version of "Da Doo Ron Ron" was popular, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak incorporated Apple. Are you Mac or Android? I have an iPhone and an iPad

9) Random Question: You're exhausted. You collapse into bed and are about to drift into slumber when you hear the drip-drip-drip of the bathroom faucet. Would you kick off the covers and go turn it off? Or would you stay in bed, letting it drip until morning? I would kick off the covers


Nonnie said...

I Will Always Love You was my first thought, too. My dad said his school only went through the 8th grade and so he did it three times. I don't know if he was kidding, but he was a very wise man who helped with my homework and taught me great work ethics and responsibility.

The Gal Herself said...

You and your dad are educators, and yet your grandpa didn't finish school. I think that's fascinating. Also, that you didn't know!

Do you and your sister ever talk religion?

zippiknits...sometimes said...

"I Will Always Love You" is a beautiful song.
I might read those books now as a old lady. I'm thinking that they would be quite interesting, especially Nancy Drew.
I was born at home, which is the only reason I have a story.
Yes, I'd kick those covers off, too!

Love to read your answers every week. ~♥~

I am Harriet said...

I love how you can have an iphone and and ipad and everything is seamless. It sure makes life easy.

CountryDew said...

I have now had my iPhone for two weeks. I do not yet find it indispensable. Maybe one day. Also, Alexa on Amazon is a lot friendlier than Siri, so far, but I don't know if that's because Siri is just like that or because I've been using Alexa for over a year and she's had more time for voice recognition issues to be overcome.