constitution day

Today we commemorated Constitution Day! I had my students reflect on the prompt: How does the U.S. Constitution reflect American goals and values?

In this political climate, I got a variety of interesting answers.

"The U.S. Constitution is the apotheosis of American values. It is still the basis of our government, and even our society, today. We base laws, actions, and the consequences of said actions on the goals and values set forth by the Constitution. The Constitution is the very foundation of American society."

"The U.S Constitution is the basis of what makes the United States different from every other country at the time. It represents a break from the norm, as most countries at the time were under monarchism. The Constitution insures [sic] that the American people will continue to have rights even if a corrupt leader is elected. It also insures [sic] that we are a free people, which is the very basis of the foundation of the country."

"The Constitution is not only a document it was the biggest step towards the freedom of our country. It established rules and regulations for all Americans alike. It established unity between each other as a nation. The rules of the Constitution are still used today and they help regulate are [sic] country now and forever."

"That we should help and look out for each other."

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The Gal Herself said...

These responses leave me feeling hopeful.