ten things tuesday

Ten random things:

1) I need a pedicure.

2) Today's workshop at school was productive and challenging--challenging because when my department chair gets overwhelmed, he shuts down; he was overwhelmed during a philosophical discussion this morning and we almost argued because he couldn't listen. It was awkward and uncomfortable.

3) We're going to have a heck of a thunder storm. I hope it breaks up the humidity. (Rumble rumble)

4) I am not excited for the new school year. I'm not dreading it, either, but I don't feel excitement.

5) I do not like blueberries. Just the thought of them gives me the willies.

6) I spent 13 hours at school today. We had freshman orientation tonight. I could have come home between the workshop and orientation but I used that time to get work done. Now I'm toast.

7) There are a LOT of significant changes this year--lots of teachers are up in arms about them but I'm very zen. I can get wound up or I can go with the flow so I'm choosing the flow.

8) I had some students hang out with me today.

9) It's been three weeks since I've knit. I think it's the project I'm working on that seems tedious. I like the nearly instant gratification of hat knitting. But I'm determined to finish the shawl project before I begin something else. I love the yarn I'm using.

10) I ordered a new shirt a little over a week ago, thinking I would wear it on the first day of school--but it hasn't arrived yet! Boo hiss!

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The Gal Herself said...

"I can get wound up or I can go with the flow so I'm choosing the flow." Wise words, Ms. Kwiz!