saturday 9

I Wish It Would Rain

1) This week's song focuses on rain. Ombrophobia -- the fear of rain -- is fairly common in children. How do you feel about rainy days? I do not feel strongly about rainy days unless I have to travel long distances, then I don't want windy rain--oh! I don't like when my glasses get wet as I am wearing them

2) Lead singer David Ruffin always wore corrective lenses. Are you wearing glasses or contact lenses as you answer these questions? I am wearing glasses, although I have better than 20/20 vision for distance

3) Those thick-rimmed glasses were David's trademark. When he custom-ordered a luxury car, he had the image of those glasses painted on the door. Tell us something that makes your vehicle distinctive. I can't think of anything

4) David also had a penchant for mink. Rumor has it that he wore a mink-lined hat and even had that car upholstered in mink. If you could really splurge on anything right now, what would it be? Car? Travel? Clothes? Jewelry? (NO responsible answers allowed.) I would love to travel! I don't even care where!

5) He sings that he badly wants to go outside. What are your plans for today? Will you be outdoors very much? I will be relaxing in my recliner watching junky shows (after running errands)

6) The Temptations originally called themselves The Elgins because in 1960, Elgin watches were the high-end timepiece of choice. Today, in the age of cellphones and FitBits, wristwatches aren't that popular anymore. Do you often wear a watch? I never wear a watch but I have developed a great sense of time

7) This sad song was inspired by a real-life event. Motown songwriter Rodger Penzabene discovered his wife was cheating on him. Much to his own surprise, he didn't want to divorce or even separate from her; he just wanted her to love him and only him again. Tell us about a time when you didn't react as you thought you would. (Your story doesn't have to be as dramatic as Rodger's.) there have been many changes at school and I'm just rolling with them and not venting to other teachers about them

8) In 1968, when this song was popular, a Pittsburgh McDonald's sold the first Big Mac (two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickle and onion on a sesame seed bun). Describe your perfect hamburger.
I'm not terribly fussy, I do like my burger to be medium-rare

9) Random question: When you catch a cold, do you soldier through it? Or are you a big baby? I like to think I soldier through but really I'm a major baby


zippiknits...sometimes said...

Lol.. I can't imagine you being a major baby.
I love that you have a great sense of time. You are more in tune with your world.
My distance vision is getting blurry now, so I wear distance glasses, too. The other "factor" went in my late 40's.
I hope you get to travel more! Being on the east coast is so lovely for travelers. And, I hope you can go to Canada when you want to. You are very close!

Cat. said...

I would road trip with you (and that album) any time, any place!!