hair magic

I had a great visit with my hair goddess! I've been going to her since 1991! She knows my hair and what works for it. After all this time, we have a great friendship. I've had both of her children as students and adored them as well. I love my hair cut.


Caffeine Girl said...

I have a long-standing relationship with my hairdresser, too. We have gone through a lot together. And she's a great stylist.

Vicki said...

Wish I could find someone who could do my hair the way I want it. They never do it like a ask them to and then I don't really like it.

The Gal Herself said...

Now that's an interesting wrinkle -- having your hairdresser's kids as students. Did you ever discuss the kids when you were in the chair? Go

PS Good hair makes us powerfully happy, doesn't it?