ten things tuesday

Ten things I'm looking forward to in the month of July:

1) Celebrating my dad's 80th birthday with a big family get together! We had a small party for him to mark the occasion, but this is going to be the big celebration with sisters from out of state.

2) Virginia sister and family's visit. Sister bonding time is necessary. And I need to come up with something special for my teenaged niece to do.

3) Pennsylvania sister and family's visit. I'll be meeting my niece-in-law and great-niece for the first time, even though (via the magic of the internet) I feel like I know them.

4) There will be a memorial service for my mother's sister and a family reunion surrounding those events. I'm sad for the reason for the occasion but glad to celebrate her life with my extended family. I think it's been four years since our last reunion.

5) I planned a sister day--lunch and manicures!

6) Book group for the Library group--The House I Loved.

7) Book group for my teacher group--Anything Is Possible.

8) A girlfriend weekend on Chebeague Island. With a mystery dinner tossed in!

9) Day trips. Spontaneous adventures!

10) More time with my bestie!

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The Gal Herself said...

I wish I was more spontaneous. I envy your "get up and go."