saturday 9

I Will Never Let You Down

1) Fastball is a trio from Austin, Texas. Austin is the capital of Texas. When you were in school, did you have to memorize the state capitals? I did not have to, but I did

2) Have you ever visited your state's capital? that's where the Barnes & Noble is located!

3) Fastball played dates throughout Canada this past spring. When did you last leave the US of A? I was in Canada just a couple weeks ago, being a few miles from the border makes it a regular occurrence

4) Tony Scalzo is a founding member of Fastball. He's the singer in the video for this song, and that's his wife, Jennifer, playing the organizer of the speed-dating event. Have you ever gotten a job because you knew somebody? I have--fortunately, because my reputation spoke for me

5) In this pitch to a prospective lover, he admits he doesn't have much money. Last time you went to the ATM, how much did you withdraw? I don't remember the last time I went to the ATM, but I will assume I used the "Fast Cash" option and got $60

6) He sings that at times, his mind is hazy. Do you have a good memory for names?

7) Fastball guitarist Miles Zuniga admits that he once had a crush on Carrie Fisher (aka Princess Leia). Tell us about one of your one-sided love affairs, either with a celebrity or someone you knew in real life. Uhm. Moi? Maybe I'm a fan of George Clooney.

8) Fastball's drummer Joey Shuffield is partial to drums from Pork Pie Percussion. This company was started by Bill Detamore, who began making drums as a hobby. Do you have any hobbies that, under the right circumstances, could make you money? I could sell my hand knit items

9) The fast ball is the most common pitch in major league baseball. Now that the MLB season is past the halfway mark, how is your baseball team doing? I have no idea, I'm a fair-weather fan


CountryDew said...

I imagine you could sell your knitted wares quite easily. And I would never have guessed you were a fan of Clooney . . .

Actually, Richmond was initially settled in the early 1600s, but not incorporated as a community until 1742. It was settled not long after Jamestown, actually. So you were right, it was earlier, just not official.

The Gal Herself said...

You changed your Clooney pic! How often do you switch them up?

My nephew is considering a university in Windsor. So do I need a passport if I go visit him?

zippiknits...sometimes said...

Being close to the Canadian border would be a big plus. I bet some of those trips are for yarn. ;o) And, yes, I can see you being able to sell your knitting creations. Truly.

Who is George Clooney? teehee

Cat. said...

You and me, memorizing our state capitals for fun in elementary school....lol

I am Harriet said...

I would think that professional football is kind of a big deal where you are from.
Duh on the Clooney thing. Although, I thought at one time he did have the hots for you. Oh well.

Stacy said...

Clooney has that Cary Grant vibe, too. I just wish he chose different roles. Some of his movies are really, really weird.