I am...

Reading: the news, online

Watching: clouds

Listening to: the clock tick and post office traffic

Wanting: a cold drink

Needing: to set an intake/exhaust fan in the window

Loving: my school friends book group

Thinking: books

Feeling: mentally stimulated

Celebrating: a really great get-together for my book group

Grateful for: friends who love reading as much as I do

A quote I want to share:

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Stacy said...

Got to love a good book group. Wish I had one. :/

Reading: Blog and Facebook posts.
Watching: the rain fall
Listening to: my poodle and my mom's puppy yap at each other.
Wanting: something chocolate
Needing: a winning lottery ticket
Loving: sauteed zucchini and summer squash (from my garden) with cherry tomatoes, basil and garlic with supper.
Thinking: wedding, wedding, wedding, money, money, money, wedding, wedding...
Feeling: content
Celebrating: a great afternoon visit with an old friend
Grateful for: my stepfather's heart cath went well
A quote I want to share: "In three words I can share everything I've learned about life: it goes on." -Robert Frost