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Write about your three favorite things to wear.

Now that school is out, I have a summer uniform:

1) Sleeveless top. Even though I am a woman of substance, I have made peace with my arms. So, sleeveless tops for the win!

2) Bermuda shorts. I like the length but they're shorter than pants! No pants in the summer!

3) Accessories. I can almost always be found wearing a necklace or scarf or some kind of accessory. I think it adds an interest to the most humble of outfits in my uniform.

Bonus: 4) Sandals. I can't quite call them flip flops because they're leather; I hate calling them thongs (my students go nuts when I use that word). But I wear sandals as long as I can--beginning in April and going until October. In Maine.

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Caffeine Girl said...

Sounds similar to my summer "uniform" When it's really hot, I like skirts.