saturday 9

Listen to the Music

1) The lyrics say, "What the people need is a way to make them smile." What song lifts your spirits and makes you smile every time you hear it? The Romantics' "What I Like About You." I just can't sit still!

2) Lead vocalist/composer Tom Johnston reports that he's made a lot in royalties because so many radio stations use this as a jingle. Tell us a jingle that sticks in your head.

3) The Doobie Brothers got their start in San Jose, California. San Jose is the largest city in Northern California, thanks to all the tech companies that have headquarters there. Let's talk about the device you're on right now: are all your applications up to date? yes!

4) When they were still a local band, the Doobie Brothers had a strong following among bikers. Are you attracted to biker culture? I've never really been around bikers

5) This week's song is from Toulouse Street, which is considered their "breakthrough" album. Tell us about a moment in your own life that you consider a "breakthrough." a few years ago, I had a renaissance with my teaching--I changed my mindset, my approach, my attitude

6) In 1987, the Doobie Brothers did a benefit performance for Vietnam Veterans at the Hollywood Bowl. Next to the Beatles, it was the fastest-selling ticket in Hollywood Bowl history. Which group do you listen to more often -- the Doobies or the Beatles? the Beatles

7) In 1972, when this song was popular, Wranglers were America's best-selling jeans. Are you brand-loyal to one jeans manufacturer? I am not

8) Grocery stores saw seafood prices fluctuate wildly in 1972 because of a series of confrontations between the United Kingdom and Iceland regarding fishing rights in the North Atlantic. (Iceland won.) What was the most recent seafood dish that you enjoyed? lobster mac-n-cheese

9) Random question: Which of these "top ten" lists would you prefer to be on -- the sexiest, the smartest or the richest? the smartest


I am Harriet said...

I keep wanting to try lobster mac and cheese. Of course, I'd probably have to settle for the imitation stuff since I lived in the middle of corn fields.

Mary said...

They've got the little crustaceans swimming around in tanks at Schnucks, and there's always their fresh water cousins, the crawdads. The spicy ones make good mac and cheese, especially with sharp cheddar cheese sauce. :)

The Gal Herself said...

I just ordered lobster mac and cheese for lunch! It was yummy, but the bacon overpowered the lobster. I love bacon, but you can get it any time and lobster is special!

I'd say your teaching renaissance stuck. You consistently sound like a passionate and committed teacher.

Bev Sykes said...

You;re missing a few questions!

Stacy said...

Lobster mac 'n' cheese sounds yummy!
I liked the Romantics back in the day. They were great to dance to.

CountryDew said...

No jingles in Maine, eh?

Diana_CT said...

Mmm... Lobster & mac and cheese! I could for that right now.

zippiknits...sometimes said...

Catchy tunes, those Romantics. And, good for you; I'll bet you are enjoying teaching so much more. Teachers are powerful people in the lives of their students.