saturday 9

Lazy Bones

1) This song is about a guy who'd rather nap than do his chores. Are there things you should be doing right now, instead of hanging around the blogosphere, answering these questions? there are several things I should be doing... maybe later

2) This song mentions a lazy afternoon of fishing. When did you last go fishing? I don't know that I ever really have been

3) The lyrics catch our hero sleeping in both the sun and the shade. Do you have a nice, shady place to nap on your front lawn? Or would we catch you lying in the sun? I would definitely not be in the sun

4) This week's featured artist, Leon Redbone, is a difficult man to nail down. Over the years he's claimed to be born in Ontario, and Philadelphia, and even Cyprus. Tell us about a time you got caught in a fib.
oh, at school--I fibbed to some students about something inconsequential

5) Mr. Redbone has said that taking himself too seriously would be "the gentle kiss of death." What's something that you always take seriously and just can't joke about? I hate it when tech support people give suggestions I've already tried

6) He has retired from public life, and that includes his Facebook page, which is no longer available. What did you last post to your Facebook page? today, I think

7) Leon always wore dark glasses when he performed. Do your sunglasses have gray, green, brown or rose colored lenses? ha--they have clear lenses

8) Recently Dick Van Dyke performed this song at a charity benefit, aided by his a capella quartet, The Vantastix. Last year, at age 90, he campaigned for Bernie Sanders. So Mr. Van Dyke is certainly not a "lazy bones." Who's the most active, energetic person in your life? my dad

9) Random question: You're at dinner with friends and someone begins a very long joke with, "Stop me if you've heard this before." You have heard it, many times before. Do you stop him? Or do you just sit through it again?
I sit through it again... this happens often


The Gal Herself said...

Don't tell him -- it might go to his head -- but I'm become a Kwiz' dad groupie. I LOVE when you mention him.

Diana_CT said...

I spent a hour on the cable company's tech support trying the same thing over and over finally she transferred me to another department. After I explained my problem to them, they had the cable modem working in about 30 seconds... Agh!

CountryDew said...

When my internet goes out, the phone company always asks me to unplug and replug, so I do it beforehand so I can say "tried it, move on to something else." It is never my issue, anyway, it is always theirs.