saturday 9

Stars and Stripes Forever by The Muppets

1) Memorial Day was introduced after the Civil War. War memorials, as well as the graves of veterans, are to be decorated with flags and flowers on this day to show our appreciation. Is there a war memorial in your neighborhood? if we expand my neighborhood a bit, yes

2) Andrew Johnson, our 17th President, was in office the first time Memorial Day (then called Decoration Day) was celebrated. Have you ever met one of our 45 Presidents? I have not

3) According to the AAA, 36 million Americans will hit the road this weekend and drive more than 50 miles. Will you be traveling far from home this weekend? not far, but a quick down-n-back trip to Central Maine for some shopping tomorrow

4) Memorial Day kicks off the summer season. What's your favorite picnic food? chips or potato salad

5) Have you packed away your winter clothes? Or is the weather still so changeable that you still may need something warm?
I packed away my winter clothes during spring break--but I have many lighter cardigans that I've still been wearing

6) As you answer these questions, is there an air conditioner or fan on? no, it's not that warm

7) This week, we are featuring the Muppets. Jim Henson made the first Muppet out of an old coat, and he used ping pong balls for the eyes. Do you have a talent for do-it-yourself/arts and crafts projects? well, I enjoy crafty things--I am a knitter, though

8) Random question: Think of the last thing you bought. Did you get a good deal?
orange juice and no, I thought it was expensive

9) Crazy Sam needs your help: What song or a performer would you like to see featured in a Saturday 9 this summer? You'll begin seeing your suggestions as Saturday 9 themes in mid-June. Thanks!
Glen Campbell, Linda Ronstadt, The Rolling Stones, Hanson (I kinda like their new song), One Republic, Lana Del Rey, Marc Cohn, Indigo Girls, Seal, The Cardigans, The Cranberries ... that's it for now...


CountryDew said...

Wow, loads of ideas for music. I adore Linda Ronstadt. I saw her in concert. What a voice.

I am Harriet said...

I swear we've done them all. Maybe I'm just old :)

zippiknits...sometimes said...

Linda Ronstat's voice is gorgeous, and I hope we get a hit from her this summer. Desperado is a beautiful song when she sings it, and so is Heart Like A Wheel.
About the price of orange juice: I wonder how high food prices will go over the next few years. There are so many pros and cons in this, some benefit, like rice growers, and some farmers get burnt. Think I'll stick to my knitting. 🎭

Stacy said...

Hanson? Oh boy, I'm going to be humming "Mmm-bop" the rest of the day!
I would have thought it would still be cool enough there for the warmer clothes...just going by how cool it's been here.

Mary said...

Andrew Johnson is a very interesting president. He first served as vice president under A. lincoln and succeeded to the Presidency after Lincoln's assassination. Back in those days, our young Republic countenanced a democrat and a republican serving the nation together. They are both American after all. It only made sense then.

Me. Myself said...


Nonnie said...

Your first three song suggestions I know. After that ... am I too old? Lol! Linda Ronstadt was good. I think I read she has dementia. So sad.

JLS Hall said...

I'm not really familiar with Lana Del Rey or Marc Cohn, but I love all your other suggestions for music/performers. Especially the Stones!

Have a wonderful week!