road trippin'

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Day 20: Have you ever been on a road trip? Where did you go?

In 2009 I took my first solo car trip to visit my Pennsylvania and Virginia sisters and their families. I had a lot of fun! Two years later, I took my parents and niece on that same trip. Two years after that, I went to my niece's wedding in Pennsylvania and road tripped with my eldest sister and niece. So those are my long road trips.

I also take road trips around the state, since it's so big. I've been all along Route 1 and 1A and have driven west, into the mountains, and south into the populous areas. I take lots of rides around the County, too. I love taking shopping day trips to Central Maine to the Barnes & Noble store.


Paula said...

Sounds like you have a good handle on road-tripping!!

The Gal Herself said...

This reminds me of my fantasy -- to pack a bag, to go Union Station, and get on an Amtrak train to .... somewhere I've never been before. Decide at the train station, though I wonder how responsible that is. St. Louis and Milwaukee have been on my radar, but also lesser known spots, like Holland or Ann Arbor in Michigan. One of these days, I'm really gonna do it.