ten things tuesday

Ten random things about today:

1) I was a guest speaker at my friend's education class at UMPI. The class is The Teaching Process and I was talking about authentic assessment. I had so much fun! And my mental outline of what I wanted to talk about extended to the whole class time! The students were attentive and into it. I'm glad I know how to read body language or I would have thought two were disengaged. I'm just floating from their feedback.

2) I got to visit with my friend, the teacher of the UMPI class. It's been far too long since we've gotten together. So nice to catch up with her.

3) My car front windows are officially fixed! For months I was told they were frozen. But I knew it wasn't just frozen windows. Now they work.

4) Today felt like spring!

5) Taking today off from school felt like a bonus day.

6) I cashed in my free pizza points and got Dominos. Ham and pineapple pizza!

7) I spent the afternoon reading for pleasure.

8) Sometimes I get the bug to cook and bake. Then I walk into the kitchen and remember why I don't do it.

9) I haven't been sleeping well these past few nights and today's nap was restorative.



Paula said...

I'm really glad that your windows are fixed now that spring is arriving there!!

The Gal Herself said...

Hurray for the positive feedback on your presentation! And I know how you feel about cooking and baking. It's not the cooking and baking that bugs me, it's the clean up afterward.