ten things tuesday

1. I'm in Central Maine.

2. I got to spend time at my happy place (photographed here).

3. Mexican food!

4. A hotel stay.

5. No rushing.

6. Vacation week is the best.

7. An informational session on Maine Employees Retirement. I'm not eligible until I'm 62. Drat!

8. It didn't rain on the 3+ hour drive, although I did wake up to snow. And the farther south I got, the more it cleared.

9. I wore spring clothes today and didn't need a jacket.

10. Did I mention that I went to a real bookstore? And touched many books?


zippiknits...sometimes said...

I want to go book shopping with you! And also go knitting with you in a coffee shop with big comfy chairs.
See you on Saturday.

The Gal Herself said...

Yea, #4! I love hotels! I love checking out the bathroom with the sweet little bottles of toiletries. I love the new view and the new remote and the new bed. I wish I could do it once a month.