nailing jello

I don't like confrontation but it's a necessary evil. I would rather address something face on than live in a passive-aggressive tug of war. My dad turns 80 this year. I'd like to plan a nice family gathering. It's like herding cats. Two sisters and their families are traveling substantial distances to be here, but their trips overlap just a few days. The third sister is making snarky, passive-aggressive remarks. No one is agreeing on the simplest details. And poor Dad is left wondering if there's going to be a family celebration.

I'm not sure why I'm taking the lead on this. I think I might have a blowout with my snarky, passive-aggressive sister. She pushes all the wrong buttons.


Cat. said...

Sisters are the BEST, eh? Hang in there; don't lose your temper. Plan your dad's party. If p-a sister doesn't come, that's her loss and she'll regret it forever, but that'll be on her.

Good luck.

The Gal Herself said...

Sigh. I wish I didn't relate to every damn syllable of this post.

fredamans said...

It's supposed to be about your dad. Life is too short. Make the plans and if she doesn't show up, she's an asshole.